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The Jagiellonian University was established in 1364 by King Kazimierz the Great, and is one of the oldest European universities. Its Faculty of Law is also one of the oldest faculties in the University and has always had a strong tradition of penal law teaching and research. In 20th. century such prominent Polish scholars as Edmund Krzymuski (1851 - 1928 ), Juliusz Makarewicz (1872 - 1955 ) and Władysław Wolter (1897 - 1986) were professors of penal law here. But this tradition did not include criminology, as teaching criminology and criminological research constitute something relatively new at the Jagiellonian University, although well known British criminologist of the Polish ascent Sir Leon Radzinowicz (1906 - 1999) received here in 1928 his second Ph.D. degree.

Deparment of Criminology was created at the Jagiellonian in 1978. Since that time its head is professor Andrzej Gaberle. At the moment in the Department are active two persons with the title of professor, one person with the post of professor, two persons with doctoral degrees, and three of technical staff. Department conducts reasearch in such areas as  criminological theory, drug policies and legislation, violent crime, economic crime, crime and gender, psychology of criminal offenders, crime prevention, fear of crime and related phenomena, juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice system, crime control policies and various issues of criminal procedure. Department offers courses for law students in criminology, criminal policy, etiology of crime, economic crime and criminological and legal issues of drugs and drug addiction. Department offers also seminars for law students preparing their master theses in criminology, as well as the seminar for doctoral students.

In recent years department was involved in following research projects:

"Social maladjustment and delinquent behaviour among juveniles in Krakow" financed by the Polish Research Ministry (1999 - 2001).

"Insecurities in European Cities", research project financed within the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission (2001 - 2004). Apart from Krakow it involved research centres from Amsterdam, Budapest, Hamburg and Vienna. Coordinator was professor Klaus Sessar from the Hamburg University.

"Crime Prevention Carousel", reserach project financed by the AGIS programme of the European Commission (2005 -     ). Apart from Krakow it involves Amsterdam, Berlin, Bristol and Budapest. Coordinator is Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Penal Law in Freiburg.

Most important event in recent history of the Department constituted organization of the 5th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology. This event, organized jointly with the Polish Criminological Association, took place on 31 August - 3 September 2005. It involved 473 participants from Europe and other continents. During three plenary sessions and 105 panel session 350 papers were presented. Organizer of the conference was professor Krzysztof Krajewski.


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