Fields of research


Research interests of the members of the Chair for the Philosophy of Law and Legal Ethics include:

♦  theories of legal reasoning and conceptions of legal interpretation: legal logic, analysis in law, argumentation theories, legal hermeneutics,

♦  economic analysis of law: philosophical basis of the economic analysis of law, the concept of efficiency and efficacy in the law, the economic analysis of private, criminal and constitutional law, optimization of legal procedures

♦  legal ontology: the concept of law in the historical perspective, formal ontologies of law, legal ontologies inspired by the discoveries of biological sciences

♦  legal ethics: philosophical basis of legal ethics, law and morality, theories of justice

♦  legal bioethics: ontological assumptions of legal bioethics, the notion of person, responsibility towards future generations, paradoxes of legal bioethics, legal and ethical aspects of procreation

♦  biological basis of law: law from the perspective of evolutionary theory, law from the perspective of neuroscience

♦  legal system: the concept of legal system, new paradigms in the research over legal systems, globalization of law

♦  philosophy of science: the methodology in humanities and social sciences, philosophy of biology, the philosophy of K.R. Popper

♦  logic: philosophy of logic, non-classical logics (paraconsistent, nonmonotonic, epistemic)

♦  social philosophy: theories of justice, conceptions of global justice