The Naturalization of Law

The Naturalization of Law, National Science Centre MAESTRO grant (2012-2017) director: Professor Jerzy Stelmach



The subject of the research is the issue of the naturalization of law, particularly in the context of the recent rapid development of the empirical sciences concerning human behavior. The research will be directed towards the attainment of new knowledge in the area of the methodology of the utilization of the findings of the empirical sciences in the study of law.


The research will be of a pioneering character, both from the perspective of the Polish and the international legal science. The pioneering character of the project is manifested not only in the context of its subject matter. Wide ranging research pertaining to the issue of the naturalization of law from the perspective of psychology, or neuroscience is currently conducted in only a few research centers. The original character of the project is manifested in the undertaken research method as well, a key feature of which is its interdisciplinarity. The research pertaining to the naturalization of law will be undertaken from three perspectives:

- legal-philosophical and legal-theoretical,
- legal-dogmatic,
- psychological and neurobiological.


The research goals of the project are to analyze the existing models of the naturalization of law, both classical and contemporary, and to develop a new, interdisciplinary model of the naturalization of law. The research is also aimed at the analysis of the descriptive assumptions in civil law and in criminal law in the light of the findings of empirical sciences concerning behavior, on the basis of the proposed model.