Law & Neuroscience: A New Paradigm in the Philosophy of Law
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Law & Neuroscience: A New Paradigm in the Philosophy of Law, grant w programie MISTRZ Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej (2016-2017) kierownik: prof. dr hab. Bartosz Brożek.


The project has two goals. The minor goal is to introduce ‘Law & Neuroscience’ into the Polish legal theory and philosophy. The major goal is to contribute to the ongoing international debates pertaining to the utilization of the findings of neurosciences in the law. Unlike in most projects devoted to law & neuroscience, the emphasis of the proposed research agenda will be on philosophical and conceptual rather than purely practical issues. The research part of the project will consist in analysing: (a) the methodological issues involved in the utilization of neuroscience in the law; (b) the question, whether neuroscience can inform research in legal ontology; and (c) the implications of the findings of neuroscience for the study of legal reasoning.