A course on “EU Procedural Law” 2017

(winter semester 2017/2018 – lecturers: dr. Alicja Sikora and dr. Saulius Kalėda)

We are delighted to inform you that, during the winter semester 2016/2017, the Chair of European Law will propose a course on „EU Procedural Law”, taught jointly by dr. Sikora and dr. Kalėda, visiting lecturers, who are practicing EU law, respectively, as a Legal Adviser of the Council of the EU and as a Référendaire at the EU Court of Justice.

The course is addressed to students willing to develop a thorough understanding of legal issues related to the proceedings before the EU judiciary. We will aim at giving you comprehensive knowledge of direct remedies available at the EU courts in Luxemburg (both the General Court and the Court of Justice), as well as making you acquainted with legal intricacies of the mechanism of preliminary references from the national courts, including the urgent preliminary ruling procedure. This knowledge should allow you to engage in academic discussion on variety of modern topics related to the EU judicial architecture – such as access to justice in Europe or remedies in case unreasonably lengthy judicial proceedings. Besides this theoretical background, the course will address practical issues of bringing and pleading your case before the EU courts.

The lectures will start October 13, 11h30-17h00 (at room no 302, ul. Olszewskiego 2) and will be subsequently scheduled as follows:

October 27, 11h30-17h00;
November 17, 11h30-17h00;
December 15, 11h30-17h00;
January 19, 11h30-17h00.

Do not hesitate to write us, should you have any questions (alicja.1.sikora@uj.edu.pl).

We warmly invite you to attend the course,

Information about lecturers

Dr. Alicja Sikora has pursued her legal studies at the Jagiellonian University and l’Université de Reims. She held a position of a Référendaire (law clerk) at the Court of Justice of the European Union for thirteen years (2004-2017). Since 2017, she serves as a Legal Adviser of the Council of the European Union and acts as an agent of the Council before the EU Courts. Dr. Sikora is a visiting lecturer at the Jagiellonian University since 2013.

Dr. Saulius Lukas Kalėda has studied law at Vilnius University, the University of Bonn and the Jagiellonian University. Since 2004, he serves as a Référendaire (law clerk) at the EU General Court and, subsequently, at the Court of Justice. Dr. Kalėda teaches EU Procedural Law since 2013. He has also conducted multiple training seminars for judges and lawyers in the framework of the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN).

Both lecturers are former doctoral students of Professor Stanisław Biernat and have maintained close links with the Chair of European Law since their promotion.