Day 1 “Religious Freedom in Practice: Comparing Transatlantic Approaches”

Freedom of religious beliefs and religious organizations has been the basis and cornerstone of every free government in the Western legal tradition—especially in Poland and the United States. But while religious freedom shines as a guiding principle in Europe and the US, the Western world has in recent years become a legal battleground for religious freedom. How does the Western legal tradition approach the right to practice one's religion or beliefs not only individually but also collectively, privately, and publicly? A panel of experts from both sides of the Atlantic will discuss the state of religious freedom law in all its forms in Europe and the US, providing insight into each continent's experience with resolving religious freedom cases. The similarities and differences between the legal orders can indicate why religious freedom is a fundamental human right and help find a path forward through the present conflicts.

Day 2 “Religious Freedom in Education: A Growing Field”

In recent years, religious freedom has obtained an increasingly high profile in the courts, the media, and public awareness. What are law schools on both sides of the Atlantic doing to keep pace? This panel of educators will discuss how religious freedom and the study of religious law are incorporated in U.S. and European legal education, including the inclusion of religious freedom topics in law school curricula, programs on religious law and the intersection of religious studies and the law, and the innovative rise of religious freedom legal clinics.