Courses in English

Issues in the contemporary legal and political philosophy

Prowadzący: dr hab. Wojciech Załuski

Liczba godzin: 45

Punkty ECTS: 7

Semestr: letni


The goal of the course is to present various ways in which game theory can be used in the analysis of legal issues (philosophical and practical).


The plan of lectures in 2010/2011 academic year:

Introduction: The basics of game theory

Part I: Game theory and legal philosophy

1. Game theory and the nature of law

2. Game theory and normativity

3. Game theory and legal interpretation

4. Game theory and rights

5. Game theory and justice

Part II: Game theory and legal dogmatics

6. Game theory and property law

7. Game theory and contract law

8. Game theory and tort law

9. Game theory and constitutional law



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W. Załuski, (2006), The Limits of Naturalism: A Game-Theoretic Critique of Justice as Mutual Advantage, Kraków: Zakamycze.