Discussed issues:

1. The Ten Commandments on state grounds permissible (Van Orden v. Perry, 2005) or not (McCrearyCounty v. ACLU, 2005)?; 2. The first questions on the meaning of the First Amendment freedom to believe and to act (Cantwell v. Connecticut, 1940, and Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 1943).; 3. Worship of a graven image – to overturn a precedence (Minersville School District v. Gobitis, 1940, and West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 1943).; 4. Parochial schools saga begins (Everson v. Board of Education of the Township of Ewing, 1947).; 5. To avoid political division along religious lines – the Lemon test (1973).; 6. The wall of separation? – the Earl Warren’s Court.; 7. The line of precedence or the bunch of contradictory decisions? (Aguilar v. Felton, 1985).; 8. From permissible accommodation to impermissible establishment (Board of Education of Kiryas Joel School District v. Grumet, 1994).; 9. “Aguilar is no longer good law.” Remarks on the doctrine of stare decisis (Agostini v. Felton, 1997).; 10. The crèche and the endorsement test of Justice O’Connor (Lynch v. Donnelly, 1984).; 11. Christmas tree and menorah. The coercion test of Justice Kennedy (County of Allegheny v. ACLU, 1989).; 12. School prayer policy (Lee v. Weisman, 1992).; 13. Keeping holy the Sabbath – Sunday closing laws (Sherbert v. Verner, 1963).; 14. Freedom to exercise: consuming peyote (People v. Woody, 1964); 15. New perspectives of the Roberts’ Court.